The Inca Empire

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The Inca Empire by Mind Map: The Inca Empire

1. The rise of the Inca Empire

1.1. The Inca first appeared in the 12th century AD in the southeastern part of what is now Peru.

1.2. The Inca began expansion by the fourth emperor, and grew to large size under the rule of the eighth.

1.3. Armies consisted of the people from the conquered land, which helped it to grow into the force that became a powerful force in Latin America.

2. What did the Incas become?

2.1. The Incas had power over twelve million people.

2.2. Became the largest empire of the 15th century, stretching over western South America.

2.3. Had a diverse population of ethnicities.

3. The Fall of the Inca Empire

3.1. The Inca were brought down by Spanish conquistadors

3.1.1. Brought much more advanced weaponry.

3.1.2. Carried diseases such as smallpox, which the Spanish were immune to but the Incas were not.

3.1.3. Only consisted of around 200 soldiers

3.2. Inca culture survived and lives on today

3.2.1. The language of the Inca is still spoken by eight million people.

3.2.2. Many traditions of the Inca are still practiced today.

4. Map over time

5. Spanish Conquest

6. Cusco, capital of the empire

7. What is considered to be the Inca flag.