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Cyberbullying by Mind Map: Cyberbullying

1. What To Do If You're Being Bullied

2. Cyberbullying laws in Australia | Lexology

3. PACER's National Bullying Prevention Center

4. Risk Factors

4.1. Cyberbullying can reach a large audience

4.2. Cyberbullying can reach anyone, anywhere, anytime

4.3. Cyberbullying can be done anonymously

4.4. The actions and behaviours can be hidden

4.5. Cyberbullying can begin before children have access to social media. For example, online games and text

5. Recourses

6. Management and Prevention

6.1. Engage students in cyberbullying conversations

6.2. Create and implement cyber safety rules

6.3. Document and report all forms of cyberbullying

7. Effects

7.1. Anger

7.2. Isolation

7.3. Depression

7.4. Mental Illness

7.5. Humiliation

7.6. Damaging Self Esteem

7.7. Suicidal Thoughts

7.8. Academic Issues

7.9. Sleeping Disorders

8. Forms of Cyberbullying

8.1. Sending or posting mean messages or emails

8.2. Spreading rumours online/ on social media

8.3. Posting embarrassing pictures, videos, or websites online

8.4. Creating fake social media profiles

8.5. Sharing private information that you don’t want others to know