modern political institution in the uk

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modern political institution in the uk by Mind Map: modern political institution in the uk

1. official name: united kingdom of great britain and nothem irland

1.1. contries makes up the uk: angland, britisch, wales, scotland, nothem ireland

1.2. toni blear gives more power for contries was made

1.2.1. the nothem ireland assembly= stormont

1.2.2. the welsh assembly = seneed

1.2.3. the scottish parliament = holyrood

2. a constitutional monarchy & a parliament system

2.1. queen elizabeth 2 = head os state

2.2. the executive

2.2.1. the cabinet: a key decision making body

2.2.2. boris johnson = conservative= tory

2.3. the houses of lords

2.3.1. 760 peers - lords spiritual -bishop and achbishops live peer

2.4. the houses of commons

2.4.1. is publicly elected

2.4.2. largest member of in the commons froms the governement

2.5. mps

2.5.1. 650; 326 seeks for on overall majority

2.6. the juridical branch

2.6.1. the constitutionnal refom act