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Digital Tools by Mind Map: Digital Tools

1. Pictochart

1.1. Students can create easy to read and eye catching infographics to share their knowledge, they can share links with other to share their infographics.

1.1.1. Example:

2. Chatterpix

2.1. Students can take a picture or draw a picture and then make the character/drawing come to life with their voice.

2.1.1. Example: chatter pix plant.MOV

3. Keynote

3.1. Students can make a slideshow to demonstrate knowledge they have learned and they can add a creative touch of their own with transitions, colors and music.

3.1.1. Example Salary Project.key

4. Seesaw

4.1. Students can add picture, videos and drawing to their pwn personal journal which can be shared with peers, parents and teachers.

4.1.1. Example: Seesaw

5. Edpuzzle

5.1. Students can collaborate together or work alone to add pictures or videos and then add open ended, true/false or multiple choice questions to check to understanding.

5.1.1. Example: Charlotte's Web