Blast from the past - scintille dal passato

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Blast from the past - scintille dal passato by Mind Map: Blast from the past - scintille dal passato

1. Is tis computer modern or old?

1.1. Modern computer have a large monitor, a keyboard / mouse are different things

1.2. Was it possible connect your computer to internet?

1.3. What about the hard drive?

2. What can you see in the second picture?

2.1. Quando parliamo della Terra, usiamo il termine Earth

2.1.1. Il mappamondo si chiama globe

2.2. The Earth.

2.2.1. This picture remembers me and makes me think about the world in the past How was the world in the past? The world in the past was cleaner

2.3. Do you think the people was be more respectful?

3. The third picture : what is the period that came up in your mind?

3.1. Hehis men is wearing elephant leg trousers. And it has meny colours on t shirt

4. Is it a coloured film or black and white film?

4.1. Do you like balck and white film?

5. What can you see here?

5.1. Is it a modern car or an ancient car?

5.2. was this car safe or not?

5.3. Do you like it?

5.4. Do you think this car is very expensive or not?

5.5. When is this car is used in your opinion?

6. What can you see here?

6.1. Two bottles of coca cola

6.2. Do you drink coca cola?

6.3. Is the shape always the same?

6.3.1. It's changed the material witch is used to

7. what can you see here?

7.1. A money

7.1.1. do you always have a lot of coins?

7.2. oggi si parla molto di cashless (senza contanti, less senza, cash contanti))

7.3. How has the work changed?

7.3.1. today we can work with new technology

7.3.2. for example, a secretary: colud she revised the text or not? now you ccan complete the form and send via (pronuncia "vaia") email

7.4. I can see a black board (board= tavola, come in skate board). Si parla di board directory per indicare tutto l'organigramma di una grande società

7.4.1. What kind of board do you prefere? Lim, white board, balckboard I should only see what the teacher is writing

8. What are the differences from the past?

8.1. Is this a big familty or small one?

8.1.1. Is today the family so big or it's smaller?

8.1.2. What kind of peolple can you see in this picture in the past they live all togheter. Were old peolple all alone or they live with the others?

8.2. This is a very old mobile phone. Could you use it with a lot of application? You can use it for only phone. Tha calls were very expensive

8.2.1. Do you send paper letter? We usually don't use letters