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Luc by Mind Map: Luc

1. You can tell people information]

2. Freedom of Speech

2.1. Freedom to use non threatening hate speech

2.1.1. right to speak freely

2.1.2. You are aloud to gather anywhere you want

2.1.3. You can say anything non threatening You can believe in anything you want without being forced into any religion

2.1.4. Everyone has a say

2.2. you can say whatever you want

2.3. You can say anything

2.4. You can say what you want

2.5. You can say anything as long as it isn’t threatening

3. Freedom of Religion

3.1. You can practice any religion

3.2. You can practice your religion openly

4. Freedom of the Press

4.1. You can write without the governments permission

4.1.1. you can express any information through the media Journalists can print anything To be able to photograph and film

4.2. The government cannot stop you from voicing your thoughts

4.3. Cannot stop the press from publishing articles

4.4. You

4.5. The press can publish anything without the government’s involvement

5. Right to Assemble

5.1. The right to gather peacefully

5.2. You can’t be stoped from gathering

5.3. You can gather with other people

6. No established Reigion

6.1. The establishment clause prohibits the gover

6.2. You don’t need a religion

6.3. The government can’t force you to practice a certain religion.

6.4. You don’t have to have a religion

6.4.1. There is no general religion that you are forced to attend

6.5. The government cannot control what religion you practice

6.5.1. The right to practice any religion Congress can’t stop you from practicing religion

6.6. Congress cannot stop you from practicing you religion

6.6.1. Worship and celebrate what you believe

6.7. You cannot be forced to practice religion

7. Right to Petition

7.1. To request the government for something

7.2. You can disagree with the government

7.3. You

7.3.1. The right to request something from the government

7.4. You can ask the government for anything

7.5. You can disagree with the government

7.6. Peacefully protesting and gathering

7.7. You are aloud to protest the government if you want a change

7.8. People have the right to ask the government to right a wrong.

7.8.1. You can set off debates with the government

7.9. people can gather to peacefully protest as long as there is no violence.

7.10. You can protest

7.11. You can make a petition to get the governments attention to your issue

7.12. You can gather information to go against the government.

8. Any religion can gather and practice without the government’s influence.

9. You can silently protest without anyone stopping you