1st Amerndment

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1st Amerndment by Mind Map: 1st Amerndment

1. Right to Petition

1.1. The right to make a petition to try and change something

1.2. you can go to the government with an issue and cannot be turned away or punished

1.3. There is nothing goverment related that is off limits to petition

1.4. BLM protest you can protest freely

1.5. The Government can’t silence petitions to make a change

1.6. the right of petition means that you can question the government on any law

1.7. You can make a petition and try to change something.

1.8. You are allowed to stage protest when you believe something to be unfair.

1.9. A person who wishes to support a cause by gaining approval is allowed to gather signatures.

1.10. The government cannot stop you from making and circulating a petition

1.10.1. Allows people to ask the government to correct a problem.

2. Freedom of the Press

2.1. The press cannot be silenced even if their is negativity towards the Government

2.2. the freedom of press is the right to report anything without the government able to censor it

2.3. The press can report on the government in a negative way and they can’t get in trouble for it

2.3.1. A person can report news with censorship from the government

2.4. You cant jail anyone for publishing something you don’t like

2.5. The press can say thing about the government good or bad as long as it is true

2.6. you

2.7. you can write and publish an article about whatever you want without getting in trouble.

2.8. you are free to publish your opinions in an article and the government cannot restrain you

2.9. The government cannot censor a source of information only because they disagree with the opinion being shared

2.10. A journalist is allowed to publish an article on the president without facing punishment or censorship from the government

3. Freedom of Speech

3.1. You can voice you opinion

3.2. The right voice your p

3.3. I can’t go to jail for saying something negative about the president

3.4. The right to express an opinion without censorship

3.4.1. A person can express their opinion without restraint from the government The government can not stop you voice information your opinion and saying what you want to s

3.5. you can freely express your opinions and thoughts without being stopped

3.6. You are able to speak freely without getting silenced

3.7. You can voice your opinion without being put in jail or silenced

3.8. you can express your opinions without government restraint

3.9. You can say whatever you want freely(Unless it is a violent threat)

3.10. You are allowed to voice your opinion and the government cannot stop you for it

4. Right to peaceably Assemble

4.1. you cannot be stopped or harmed for gathering to protest peacefully

4.2. The Government can’t block the gathering of groups that are trying to peacefully make positive change.

4.3. You can come together and collectively express, promote, pursue, and defend their collective or shared ideas.

4.4. the right of petition means that you can question the government on any law

4.5. I can go to a peaceful protest and not be arrretsed

4.6. The government cannot punish anyone for saying something bad about the government

4.6.1. You can say whatever you would like as long as it is not blacklisted

4.7. The government can not stop you from peacefully assembling to protest something

4.8. As long as you are peaceful, the government has no right to stop you from assembly

4.9. Ensures the people gather together publicly or privately

4.10. you have the right to be able to peacefully protest

4.11. You can assemble people to talk about a problem

4.12. The government cannot restrict or ban peaceful gatherings of people

4.13. A group advocating for a cause is allowed to meet to discuss.

5. No established Religion

5.1. The government can't establish a national religion

5.2. you are free to choose any religion it is whatever you would like it to be

5.3. The Government can’t make laws that favor certain religion.

5.4. No laws can favor a religion

5.5. There can be nothing overtly favoring a single religion in a government building

5.6. Prohibits people from forcing their religion on other people.

5.7. no one religion can be established for everyone to follow

5.8. You can be any religion

5.9. The government cannot establish a national religion

5.10. If everyone in your community practiced Christianity, that doesn’t mean you have to.

6. Free Expression of Religion

6.1. I can’t go to jail for practicing a religion

6.2. The government cannot stop you from participating in your religion

6.3. You can practice any religion you want.

6.4. A person can choose their own religion

6.5. You are permitted to wear religious clothing whenever you want.

6.6. There are no laws banning religious garments or anything like that

6.7. Religious groups can’t be silenced or shutdown by the Government

6.8. you are free to practice any religion, or no religion

6.9. You can make any religion