what can you expect of technology

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what can you expect of technology by Mind Map: what can you expect of technology

1. use tech as a learning strategy

1.1. instructor led learning

1.2. self-paced online

1.3. mobile

1.4. dvds

2. Getting excited about tech

2.1. social media expands your options for talent development

2.1.1. tweet your training descriptions of the training reminders of dates and times QR codes a message from CEO picture from books follow up job aids

3. is online training effective

3.1. At least as effective as in room learning

3.1.1. 77% of online learners just as effective as classroom

3.2. learning outcome improves in e-learning if ensure important topics are default

3.3. use all techniques as you would a regular classroom

4. Apply adult learning theory

4.1. share the purpose

4.1.1. why the content is important

4.2. Maintain self concept

4.2.1. build on leaners' existing knowledge

4.3. Acknowledge expeince

4.3.1. use their skills and expertise to teach each other

4.4. Make it relevent

4.4.1. support immediate concerns

4.5. Deliver solutions

4.5.1. use examples of something you overcame

4.6. Respect self-motivation

4.6.1. more likely to participate if feel camaraderie

5. benefits of online learning

5.1. readily avaliable

5.2. proven effective

5.3. Saves time

5.3.1. shorter chunks with limited travel

5.4. convenient

5.4.1. study anywhere at anytime

5.5. tailorable

5.5.1. support is available

5.6. saves money

5.6.1. no travel cost

5.7. expands reach

5.7.1. more learners can benefit

6. where we are headed

6.1. employees pull what they need to learn

6.2. increased use of experiential learning

6.3. more dependence on informal

6.4. learning to learn

6.5. learning is done internally

7. Performance support

7.1. any learning modality, resource, or asset that is accessible and applicable at the moment of need

7.2. What is performance support?

7.2.1. Information Contract numbers, error codes, prices

7.2.2. Assistance decision tree, expert system,

7.2.3. instructional support link to videos show how to do task, list of steps

7.2.4. tools spreadsheets, databases, online calculators

7.3. when to introduce support

7.3.1. learning skill for first time

7.3.2. want to learn why it is happening

7.3.3. want to apply or remember step they forgot

7.3.4. need to solve problem

7.3.5. changes in system