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Overview of Automated Systems by Mind Map: Overview of Automated
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Overview of Automated Systems

Modules & Functions

Three Basic Modules

Public Access, OPAC

Cataloging, Houses Records & Availability, Heart of the Automated System

Circulation, Tasks:, Statistical Reports, Check-In/Check-Out, Inventory, Holds & Reserves, Overdue Materials, Notices, Fines


Suite of Inter-Weaved Modules That Perform Functions

Functions Such as: Cataloging/Public Access/Circulation/Acquisitions/Serials

Share Database

Library Automation's Benefits

Increase in:





One or More Modules that Represent Library Functions

Functions Such as: Cataloging/Public Access/Circulation, Do Not Share Bibliographic Database, Modules Work Independently

Library Automation's Disadvantages

Implementation Requires:

Planning, Time-Consuming, Pricey, Access Problems