Overview of Automated Systems

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Overview of Automated Systems by Mind Map: Overview of Automated Systems

1. Modules & Functions

1.1. Three Basic Modules

1.1.1. Public Access OPAC

1.1.2. Cataloging Houses Records & Availability Heart of the Automated System

1.1.3. Circulation Tasks: Statistical Reports Check-In/Check-Out Inventory Holds & Reserves Overdue Materials Fines

2. Integrated

2.1. Suite of Inter-Weaved Modules That Perform Functions

2.1.1. Functions Such as: Cataloging/Public Access/Circulation/Acquisitions/Serials

2.1.2. Share Database

3. Library Automation's Benefits

3.1. Increase in:

3.1.1. Productivity

3.1.2. Accuracy

3.1.3. Efficiency

4. Stand-Alone

4.1. One or More Modules that Represent Library Functions

4.1.1. Functions Such as: Cataloging/Public Access/Circulation Do Not Share Bibliographic Database Modules Work Independently

5. Library Automation's Disadvantages

5.1. Implementation Requires:

5.1.1. Planning Time-Consuming Pricey Access Problems