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Zaha Hadid by Mind Map: Zaha Hadid

1. Born in Baghdad, Iraq in 1950

2. Her successes were consistent

2.1. received the highest honours from civic, academic and professional institutions across the globe

2.2. received the Diploma Prize in 1977 ( at the Architectural Association )

3. Top 5 Zaha Hadid Building Projects

3.1. 600 Collins street Australia

3.2. Messner mountain museum corones Italy

3.3. Wangjing Soho China

3.4. London aquatics centre UK

3.5. Heydar Aliyev centre Azerbaijan

4. An architectural Legacy

4.1. The AA

4.2. The Maths Gallery

4.3. The Aquatics centre

4.4. Vitra Fire station

4.5. MAXXI

5. Lost on March 31st, 2016, in US

6. Contribution to the architectural profession

6.1. Professional,academic, and civic institutions around the world

6.1.1. Forbes List of the " World's Most Powerful Women"

6.1.2. Janpan Art Association presenting her with the " Preaemiun Imperiale"

6.1.3. 2010-2011, her designed were awarded the Stirling Prize - one of architectural's highest accolades

6.1.4. UNESCO- "Artist for peace"