Management the classroom

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Management the classroom by Mind Map: Management the classroom

1. students are protagonists

1.1. let the students interact.

1.1.1. the teacher uses technical but understandable words to his students

2. Perceive the students

3. Using the voice

3.1. How we speak

4. Classroom Management

4.1. Classroom Space

4.1.1. How we appear The way we talk Be able to deal with difficult

5. Proximity

5.1. How close to be

5.1.1. Distance is a sing Modify the behavior

6. Appropriacy

6.1. Create a friendly atmosphere

6.1.1. The same level as their seated student Create situations may be appropriate Positions tecahers take

7. Movements

7.1. One place

7.2. At front of the class

7.2.1. Motionless teachers can bore Move araound the classroom Classroom will depend on our personal style

8. Awareness

8.1. Be aware abaout the students

8.2. Being flexible

8.2.1. Use the voice

8.3. Make contact

8.4. The voice

8.4.1. To be self-aware

8.5. Assessing

9. Variety

9.1. control when speaking

9.2. good voice projection

9.3. the teacher uses his voice to call attention

9.3.1. different voice can be efective security in teacher's tone of voice

10. Talking to students

10.1. teacher seeks to have a good relationship with the student.

10.1.1. empathic

10.2. create a good atmosphere.

10.2.1. Audibility voice control visualize the classroom

11. Student talk and teacher talk

12. shows interest and importance to their students. shows interest and importance to their students. muestra interés e importancia a sus alumnos.


12.1.1. resource

13. classroom environment

14. form opinions for a pleasant class

15. teacher varies the voice at the appropriate time