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SQ3R by Mind Map: SQ3R

1. Questions that you'r going to create that you'r going to keep in your mind when you reading or better yet that you'r going to write down on paper and answer as you reading that chapter, and you'r going to create the quetions yourself or some textbooks have questions at the end of each chapter about what you should have learned in that chapter if that textbook does it use those because frequently those are questions designed to get to the main ideas in that chapter but if you'r textbook doesn't have that make your own questions out of the titels in the chapter.

2. Survey

2.1. It mean's your going to read the titels the headings and the subheadings of the chapters, you'r not going to read any of the large blocks of paragraphs in between all of that your just reading the major titels, the other thing that you are surveying is pictures graphs,maps and survey is designed to give you an idea of what you'r going to be taking in, also the survey step helps you determine how big is that chapter.

3. Read

3.1. you'r going to read the chapter keeping those questions in mind by Think, interpret, and analyze the first time you read, to avoid unnecessary re-reading.

4. Recite

4.1. Recite mean's you resite out loud the answer to you'r questions, one of the reasons you do this is because were all different types of learners so sometimes when we speak what were learning it can help us to process those thoughts and to make sense of theme so you reciting what you have learned ask yourself the questions and answer it.

5. Review

5.1. Review comes at the end of reciting but it can also come later maybe you have the quiz next week you'r going to pull out those questions and you'r gone ask yourself those questions againe and you'r going to make sure you can answer theme that's the review.

6. Question