Validity and Reliability

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Validity and Reliability by Mind Map: Validity and Reliability

1. Types of Validity

1.1. Content Validity

1.2. Criterion Related Validity

1.3. Construct Validity

2. Types of Reliability

2.1. test - re-test

2.2. Alternate forms

2.3. Internal Consistency

3. Prerequisites

3.1. Test is given twice - correlation between two sets of scores.

3.2. Adminster two equivalent forms of test and correlation between two sets is determined.

3.3. Split halves - assign one item to each half.

3.4. Odd - Even - place odd itemstogether in one half and even items together in other half.

4. Importance in Assessment

4.1. Accurate, reliable tests help determine learning levels.

4.2. Teacher is asble to assess knowledge, comprehension, and study skills.

4.3. Teacher is able to assess abilities and disabilities in order to assist student in obtaining goals.

5. Prerequisites

5.1. Inspect test questions - compare test items with instructional objectives.

5.2. Validity coefficient - new test and established test.

5.3. Predictive - test predicts behavior of examinees.

5.4. Information corresponds with some theory.

6. Importance in Learning

6.1. Subject material easier for student to understand and learn.

6.2. Achievements are demonstrated.

6.3. Students are motivated to learn.