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Hannah/Eve by Mind Map: Hannah/Eve

1. Pregnant

1.1. Hannah had a miscarriage

1.2. Eve got pregnant by Simon after he cheated on Hannah with her

1.2.1. Eve didn't want to name her child Ava

2. Hidden

2.1. Eve hid from thier birth parents

2.2. Eve pretended to be Hannah

3. Florence

3.1. Fake Mother

3.1.1. Raised Eve

3.2. Lived across street from Hannah's house

3.2.1. Midwife

3.3. Fell down the stairs and died

3.3.1. Wrote about Everything she did in a diary

4. Palindrome

4.1. Hannah and Eve are palindromes

4.2. Eve was named by Florence

4.3. Eve likely grew to despise palindromes

5. Simon

5.1. Dated Hannah&Eve

5.1.1. Married Hannah

5.2. Murdered by Hannah or Eve

5.2.1. Cheated on Hannah with Eve

6. Kidnapped

6.1. Lived across the street from each other

7. Murder Suspect

7.1. Simon cheating is a possible motive

8. Dollhouse

8.1. They had an obsession with fantasies

8.2. Was in Hannah's home

8.2.1. Moved into Hannah's home after the death of thier parents

8.3. They loved playing in the Dollhouse

9. Mirror

9.1. Simon worked with glass for a living

9.2. Gifted the same mirror to Hannah and Eve

10. Glass

10.1. Used to murder Simon

10.2. Came from the mirror he gifted to Hannah/Eve

11. Fairytale

11.1. Hannah&Eve bonded over fairytales

11.2. Was often asked to interpret pictures and they interpreted it along the lines of a fairytale