Hayley Murphy

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Hayley Murphy by Mind Map: Hayley Murphy

1. Growing up...

1.1. What my childhood was like

1.2. Living in Naples, FL

1.3. Getting an adopted brother

1.4. Learning about my cousin with D.S

2. My Family

2.1. The people that made me who I am today

2.2. My Parents

2.3. My siblings

2.4. My cousins

3. Important Dates

3.1. Important Dates in my life

3.2. October 1st, 1992

3.3. June 3rd, 2011

3.4. October 23rd, 2011

4. Life Goals

4.1. What I want to do with my life

4.2. Become a teacher

4.3. Become a wife and mother

4.4. Be a contestant on Survivor

5. Personal Interests

5.1. What I enjoy doing with my time

5.2. Watching Movies

5.3. Playing board games

5.4. Going to the gym

5.5. Surfing the web

5.5.1. www.facebook.com http://www.facebook.com/hayleymari313?ref=tn_tnmn

5.5.2. www.youtube.com

5.5.3. www.pinterest.com http://pinterest.com/hayleymurphy/