Cyber bullying Presented by Amber Paull

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Cyber bullying Presented by Amber Paull by Mind Map: Cyber bullying                   Presented by Amber Paull

1. Definition

1.1. Cyber bullying is bullying that takes place over digital devices like cell phones, computers and tablets. What is Cyberbullying?

1.2. Cyber bullying is: What is Cyberbullying?

1.2.1. Willful:The behavior is delibrate, not accidental

1.2.2. Repeated:Bullying reflects a pattern of behavior, not just one isolated incident

1.2.3. Harm: The target must perceive that harm was inflicted

1.2.4. Computers, cellphones, and other electronic devices: This differentiates cyber bullying from traditional bullying

2. Consequences

2.1. Cyber bullying has become a federal offense in over 10 states, Nj has enacted laws that are used both at the state level as well as in schools.

2.1.1. NJ Laws

2.1.2. HIB in Schools

2.2. Emotional, Mental and Physical Effects Learn to Recognize the Real-Life Effects of Cyberbullying on Children

3. Prevention

3.1. Connect with Parents-Help to guide them on signs to look for and Social Media Apps students may be on and How to monitor them

3.1.1. Snapchat

3.1.2. Twitter

3.1.3. Facebook

3.1.4. Text Messages

3.1.5. Email

3.1.6. Tumbler

3.1.7. TikTok

3.2. Educate about positive digital citizenship What Your Students Really Need to Know About Digital Citizenship

3.3. Hear or See it ....REPORT IT!! Teach our students that it is ok to tell someone if they think they are being cyberbullied or they know someone who is

4. Responses to Cyberbullying

4.1. Teach students to take higher ground: don't retaliate and don't feed into the negativity

4.2. Create safe spots in classrom: Students may be hesitant to reach out publicly, make area in classroom available for them to do it privately

4.3. Educate Students on keeping a report of evidence in case things are needed further down the road ( Screenshot and report to adult)

5. Lesson Ideas

5.1. In class Scenarios-Have students discuss different scenarios and how they would react in the situations


5.2. Create a Comic Book/Story Board about Cyber bullying -Have students create a story that talks about cyber bullying and how to work through it, this can be a paired activity, done digitally or on paper

6. Resources used: