Genshin Impact

My mind map for Genshin Impact and my coursework.

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Genshin Impact by Mind Map: Genshin Impact

1. Basic Intro

1.1. Game

1.1.1. Developed by Mihoyo Also developer of Honkai Impact

1.1.2. Played on mobile/PC

1.2. Manga

1.2.1. Main plot written by Mihoyo

1.2.2. Explains more detailed background of events happening in-game

2. World Building

2.1. Teyvat

2.1.1. Place where main story takes place

2.1.2. A continent with 7 country-states Mondstadt Liyue Inazuma Fontaine Sumeru Natlan Schenazaya

2.2. Elements

2.2.1. Some kind of power over nature Anemo Geo Electro Hydro Dendro Pyro Cryo

2.3. Archons

2.3.1. A strong god-like individual who governs each city-state and element

2.3.2. 1 Archon/Element

3. Important Events

3.1. Archon War

3.1.1. There used to be a lot of different archons fighting for power

3.1.2. It ended with seven victors, currently known as The Seven The victors are the archons for each element

3.2. Khaenri'ah Incident

3.2.1. Some alchemist touched the forbidden arts

3.2.2. A big explosion caused mutations

3.2.3. Led to the birth of The Abyss Order Main antagonist

3.3. Fight with unknown god

3.3.1. While main protagonist was travelling Teyvat, an unknown god stopped them in their travels

3.3.2. The main protagonist and his sister had a fight with the unknown god

3.3.3. The fight led to separation between the siblings

3.3.4. Now the main protagonist travels Teyvat in search of his sibling and the unknown god

4. Visions

4.1. Something given by the archons to mortals that allow them to resonate with the elements and harness its power

4.2. Also known as a symbol of a mortal ascending to godhood

4.3. Archons have something similar called "Gnosis"

5. Celestia

5.1. A place where it is said to home the divine

5.2. When a mortal ascends to Celestia, he has also ascended to godhood

5.3. Direct relationships between Celestia, the Archons and VIsions are still currently unknown

5.3.1. To be unfolded by the upcoming manga chapters

6. Personal Ideas/Perspective

6.1. Has interesting lore

6.2. Quite complete world building

6.3. Great content regardless of game or manga

6.4. Personal rating 9/10 would reccommend