Valentine’s day

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Valentine’s day by Mind Map: Valentine’s day

1. United Kingdom

1.1. Anonymus valentines-victorians believed that signing their name to the card was considered bad luck.

1.2. Giving roses-the flowers is traditionally seen as the favorite of Venus,the Roman goddess of love.

2. Wales

2.1. St.Dwynwen’s day-celebrated on January 25.

2.2. St.Dwynwen-the Welsh patron saint of lovers.

2.3. Hand-carved wooden spoons-traditional women gift by men.

3. Japan

3.1. Honmei-choco-a homemade chocolate given by women to men.

3.2. White day-men gives to women white chocolate and other white gifts as a sign of their affection.

4. South Korea

4.1. The celebration is the same as in Japan,women celebrate the Valentine’s day giving gift to men,and men celebrate White Day.

4.2. Black day-celebrated on April 14.Single friends gather to eat noodles and celebrate being single.

5. Slovenia

5.1. Working day-St.Valentine is one of the patron saints of spring.Because of this people celebrate romance on March 12.

6. Finland and Estonia

6.1. February 14-people give presents to anyone,from friends to neighbors.It is also popular to be engaged in both countries.

6.2. Love Bus-anybody can take a ride on the Love Bus I’m hopes of meeting someone special