Significance of Graphic Design in Business

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Significance of Graphic Design in Business by Mind Map: Significance of Graphic Design in Business

1. What is Graphic Design?

1.1. History & Fundamentals

1.2. Principles of Design

2. It's Importance in business

2.1. Where do you need it?

2.1.1. Digital Marketing & Advertising

2.1.2. promotions and public relations

2.2. Why do you need it?

2.2.1. To create business growth through Visualization

2.3. How to start?

2.3.1. Take a course & Implement

3. Tools & Skills

3.1. Adobe Photoshop

3.2. Illustrator & Indesign

3.3. Page layouts & typography

3.4. Strategy

4. Experimentation & Conclusion

4.1. Action steps and procedures

4.1.1. How to design & present?

4.1.2. Understanding different design categories to experiment upon

4.1.3. Fist learn the basics, know color theory and elements, then later do the iterations

4.1.4. Practise more, explore more designs and keep experimenting

4.2. Conclusion

4.2.1. Need to modify according to business needs

4.2.2. Need to explore wide range of software

4.2.3. Need to follow up with past designs to recreate in future

4.2.4. work on your portfolio to attract clients