Using First Language as a Resource

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Using First Language as a Resource by Mind Map: Using First Language as a Resource

1. Why must we support the use of dual language texts in the classroom?

1.1. Empowering bilingual students to bring their L1 knowledge and skills into learning

1.2. Developing students’ identities as bilinguals and encourage them to use and have pride in their L1

1.3. Increasing student engagement and making learning more meaningful

1.4. Improving home-school connections by allowing parents with limited English skills to support their children’s learning

2. What are some of the specific benefits students can gain when teachers adopt this approach?

2.1. ELL students will be able to use their L1 skills and knowledge to get deeper understanding of the learning content

2.2. Students will develop literacy skills through comparing and contrasting features of different languages

2.3. Students will have opportunities to explore diversity through exposure to different languages

2.4. ELL students will feel acknowledged when being viewed by their peers as bringing resources to the classroom

3. What are some dual language strategies that you can implement that will support L1?

3.1. Using culturally relevant bilingual books about students’ home cultures, customs and traditions

3.2. Encouraging students to use L1 in reading, writing and speaking tasks

3.3. Creating bilingual/multilingual signs in public areas of the school

3.4. Having Language Awareness Month with each week featuring fun facts about a different language

4. How can teachers support parents with understanding the importance of a bilingual/multilingual student?

4.1. Sending messages to home about the benefits of using first language

4.2. Informing parents of international language programs offered by the school board or community

4.3. Sharing pictures of students engaged in bilingual/multilingual projects