Assessment & Motivation

EDPS 627 Mind Map

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Assessment & Motivation by Mind Map: Assessment & Motivation

1. Intrinsic Motivation

1.1. Autonomy: directing own life

1.2. Mastery: getting better at something that matters

1.3. Purpose: following your yearning for doing what matters

1.4. This is the goal!

2. ARCS model for student motivation

2.1. Attention

2.1.1. use humor, inquiry learning, variety of presentation methods

2.2. Relevance

2.2.1. build on prior skills, provide choice in assignments giving a purpose for the learning!

2.3. Confidence

2.3.1. provide small and achievable goals, help students believe they CAN succeed, provide positive feedback

2.4. Satisfaction

2.4.1. learning should be rewarding, make sure an A is earned, allow students to apply knowledge working towards mastery

3. Student-focused learning

3.1. formative assessments

3.1.1. formal or informal ways to check understanding and adjust teaching as needed

3.1.2. credible ways to show a student's success

3.2. feedback for students

3.2.1. students can revise and relearn

3.2.2. ALL students can succeed if they try

3.2.3. Teachers can build confidence, optimism, and persistence

3.3. “To the degree that a student is willing to succeed, they are willing to try.”

4. Creativity flourishes