Questionnaire for Anao

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Questionnaire for Anao by Mind Map: Questionnaire for Anao

1. Business

1.1. Marketing channels

1.1.1. New sales and audience Facebook How you get new subscribtions? How much new subscribtions per month you get? How much subscribers now? Can I see advertisement campaigns settings that you did? Instagram How you get new subscriptions? How much new subscribtions per month you get? How much subscribers now? 'Festivals' participation How often you participate? What are the last few 'festivals'? How much interested people did you have last few times in average? How much visitors/buyers did you have in average for last few times? Do you partnering with some channels owned by other people? Any other channels? Do you sale your products to new 'cold' audience? How much Free products purchased in average per month? How much Payed products purchased in average per month?

1.1.2. Recurring sales, existed audience 'Ex-buyers' 'potential buyers' How you sale you products to existed audience? How much Free products purchased in average per month? How much Payed products purchased in average per month?

1.2. Products

1.2.1. Free What free services you doing? Free Product 1

1.2.2. Payed What payed services you doing? Payed product 1

1.3. Sales Vortexes

1.3.1. Describe any builded sales vortexes if you have any. Steps and conversion rates.

1.3.2. Describe or draw a few most frequent real passed paths by customers

1.4. Infrastructure

1.4.1. Virtual CRM Do you use any? Business tasks traking Do you use any? Funds tracking Do you use any? Other tools Do you use any? Webinars, transtations Do you use any? To stay in touch with people Do you use any?

1.4.2. Real Where you doing sessions, webinars, events?

1.5. Semiotics

1.5.1. What values you translate by your 'Image', brand via social networks? What people really read about you and your product reading you brand ?

1.5.2. What values you translate by your physical presence via close, style, haircut, voice , place, environment, etc? What people really read , how do they fill ?

1.6. Audience

1.6.1. Who 'subscribe' on you Who? When? Why? How?

1.6.2. Who 'buy' your products Who? When? Why? How?

1.6.3. Who 'bought' Do you know why they bought? Do you have a process to gather and process feedbacks? How much people return to buy again? Do you know why they return? How much people not return to buy again? Do you know why they not return?

1.6.4. Who not 'bought' Do you know why they not bought?

1.7. Analysis

1.7.1. How much sales you made during last 12 months?

1.7.2. For what people pay the most?

1.7.3. Do you have procedures or processes for analysis? Do you have a process to analyze activities results? e.g. Marathon or 'Festival' issues and results?

1.8. Management

1.8.1. How much people in your team? Do have any regular meetings with team members dedicated to business goals and issues discussion?

1.8.2. Do you have a system and practices to handle tasks flow in your team and your own tasks? How much open tasks and projects do you have? How much halted projects and tasks do you have?

1.9. Finances

1.9.1. What is your business annual income?

1.9.2. What is your business operation annual spends?

1.9.3. What is advertisement , marketing and brand annual spends?

1.9.4. How much money re-invested in business growth?

1.9.5. What is the biggest one-time sale?

1.9.6. How much you earned in your best financial year?

1.9.7. How much you earned in your worst financial year?

1.9.8. How much taxes you pay?

1.9.9. List all the income channels

1.9.10. List all the spends channels

1.10. Competitors

2. Psycological

2.1. Money

2.1.1. Do you have financial goals?

2.1.2. How you can make people's career, business and finances better? What do you feel about the money? Is money important for success in your mission? How much important?

2.1.3. How you can make people's relationships better?

2.1.4. Do you want some exact money amount for something that you want to get?

2.1.5. Is money can help you to be success in you mission? How exactly?

2.2. Mission

2.2.1. What you bring into the world doing you job?

2.2.2. How you can make people's life better?

2.2.3. What do you think about the money

2.3. Basic positions

2.3.1. Are you fine? If not, why?

2.3.2. Are the people around is fine? (customers, employees) If not, why?

2.3.3. Is the world around is fine? If not, why?

2.4. Spirituality

2.4.1. Do you making practicies to attract money-energy into your business?

2.4.2. Do you making practices to attract money-energy into life of your clients and partners?

2.4.3. Do you visualize your business goals?

2.4.4. Did you ask for help and advice your mentors, teaches and patrons? What they told?

2.5. Business

2.5.1. Any restrictions in your mind that you know that holds you from growth?

2.5.2. Any restrictions in your mind, fears, bad habits, etc that you know that holds you back, that create problems for your life of your business? Any recurring problem situations or problems? With customers, employees, finances, close friends and lovers, etc?

2.5.3. Please describe your believes , principles and business/product 'success' rules In 'spiritual' world In 'corporate' world

3. Strategy

3.1. What are the most important problems to solve now?

3.2. What are most important goals to reach now?

3.3. Do you have goals for year, two years, for 10 years?

3.4. How much free mental, physical, time, financial resources do you have? What is your average mental state now?

3.5. Is there any problems in other live spheres that not allow you to focus on business?

3.6. Are you happy? What are the state of other your life spheres?

3.7. What allies do you have?

4. Any important questions not asked in that questionnaire?

5. Aim of analysis

5.1. Step1 Understand whats going on

5.2. Step2 Understand the points of fail

5.3. Step3 Understand reasons why points of fail appear

5.4. Step 4 Develop a stack of Available possible upgrades

5.5. Step5. Choose a few most cost/effective upgrades