Habits of successful students

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Habits of successful students by Mind Map: Habits of successful students

1. Social Support

1.1. Socialize with other people

1.2. Help in the problems of others

1.3. Speak kindly

1.4. Talk with respect

1.5. Ask their mood

1.6. Invite him out

1.7. Give him a hug to make him feel better

1.8. Say something nice

2. Commited

2.1. Study for your next classes

2.2. pay attention

2.3. take a notes

2.4. Ask your doubts

3. Passion

3.1. You must have passion for your profession

3.2. You must like what you do

3.3. don't get frustrated

4. Talk to Professors

4.1. Look for a solution

4.2. Talk to your tutors

4.3. Count your problems, so you will have more opportunities

5. Organization

5.1. Organize your classes

5.2. Create a school schedule

5.3. Get up to date with your work

5.4. Always be punctual

6. Strategic & Resourceful

6.1. Start with the easiest jobs

6.2. Remember to do your jobs correctly

6.3. Make an itinerary

7. Balance

7.1. Think about solving the problems

7.2. You can have fun learning

7.3. Always try a second time