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TEAM MEETING 10/08/07 by Mind Map: TEAM MEETING 10/08/07

1. Call Centre Tour (Debbie)

1.1. Alison and Debbie went to Parramatta for the ATA Walking Tour

1.2. tour included Australian Tax Office, Medicare Australia and CBA- People Connect Contact Centres

1.3. was a very beneficial day

1.4. report should be out shortly

2. Briefing Sessions (Mary)

2.1. email Mary requests for briefing sessions

2.2. current requests: Visual Merchandising and Real Estate

3. General Business (All)

3.1. new Trainiee's start date has been delayed slightly (Mary)

3.2. Yanu thanks everyone for making her welcome (Yanu)

3.3. staff in shopfront should only perform limited (if any) Student Admin duties (Debbie)

4. Fashion Design Applications (Alison)

4.1. error says: DO NOT SEND PORTFOLIO

4.2. draw line through this error

4.3. error appears 3 times in package

5. Science Expo (Alison)

5.1. 3 days: 22nd, 23rd, 24th August

5.2. 2 staff needed

5.3. Yanu and Debbie have volunteered

6. Petersham Tour (Joelyne)

6.1. attended by Joelyne, Yanu, Margaret, Jill, Alison, Rita Boyle and Oai

6.2. tour included Crystal Street, West Street, and Annandale

6.3. The tour was a fun adventure and lots of useful information was gained