Cyberbullying at NetSmartz

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Cyberbullying at NetSmartz by Mind Map: Cyberbullying at NetSmartz

1. Tips for Protecting from Cyberbullying

1.1. Don't respond to rude emails or comments

1.2. Save the Evidence

1.3. Contact your service provider

1.4. Block bullies or cancel accounts

1.5. Change phone numbers and keep private

1.6. Get child's school involved

1.7. Make report to cybertipline

2. Questions for Students

2.1. Why do you think people cyberbully?

2.2. How does your school deal with Cyberbullying?

2.3. Have you ever sent a mean message?

2.4. What would you do if someone created a mean, fake profile for you or one of your friends?

2.5. How do you stop yourself from being Cyberbullied?

2.6. Who would you talk to if you were cyberbullied?

3. More Information Check Out Cyberbullying Toolkit

4. Common Forms

4.1. Flaming and Trolling

4.2. Happy-slapping

4.3. Identity Theft /Impersonation

4.4. Photoshopping

4.5. Physical Threats

4.6. Rumor Spreading

5. Signs of a Victim

5.1. Avoids Technology (Computer, phone, etc.)

5.2. Withdraws from family and friends

5.3. Avoids conversations about computer use

5.4. Exhibit signs of low self esteem/depression

5.5. Declining grades

5.6. Poor eating or sleeping habits