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Space X by Mind Map: Space X

1. spacecraft production requires a lot of resources

1.1. The production of an engine on space ships takes some time and requires high-quality materials, which is expensive for the company, so the ships are not produced as often as we would like. Yes, at the moment the problem with high prices is being solved and in the future the company will be able to produce ships without any problems

2. problems with satellite production

2.1. The company plans to build a network of 4,000 small communications satellites in low Earth orbit to provide Internet services anywhere in the world. The number of workers is planned to increase from 60 to 1000 within a few years.

3. HR policy has a number of requirements

3.1. to solve this problem, it is necessary to select specialists in the field of engineering and conduct an advanced training test annually

4. high flight prices

4.1. at the moment the company is engaged in reducing flight prices to 1kg = $ 1100, and now the price per kg is $ 5000.