Teenagers in New Mexico

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Teenagers in New Mexico by Mind Map: Teenagers in New Mexico

1. depression

1.1. genetics

1.1.1. school pressure personal image access to social networks

2. social anxiety

2.1. social pressure

2.1.1. unrealistic expectation group dynasmics

3. suicide

3.1. access to social support

3.1.1. school dynamics homosexuality/lack of acceptantce lack of access to health programs

4. teen pregnancy

4.1. ptomiscuity

4.1.1. underage drinking and drugs cultural factors

5. bullying

5.1. group dynamics

5.1.1. jealous gang culture family background and abuse

6. drug addiction

6.1. peer pressure

6.1.1. media conceptions family history/economic factors

7. homelessness

7.1. bad family life

7.1.1. homosexual/transgender who don't get support mental illness