Final Project: Ragtag and the Community

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Final Project: Ragtag and the Community by Mind Map: Final Project: Ragtag and the Community

1. Stakeholders

1.1. Ragtag Staff

1.2. Audience

1.2.1. Audience aged 50 or older

1.2.2. Students

1.3. Cultural Organizations in COMO

1.3.1. The district

1.3.2. Government?

1.3.3. Occupy COMO: Do they have any connections with Ragtag in terms of movies?

1.4. Supporters

1.5. Bluenote(History)

1.6. Partners of Ragtag

1.6.1. Uprise Bakery

1.6.2. Ninth Street Video

1.6.3. Lee School

2. Notes

3. Media

3.1. Story: Background, Overall introduction

3.1.1. Brief introduction

3.1.2. HIstory

3.1.3. Connections or contributions to the community

3.2. Slideshow: current exhibition and the artists behind Ragtag's exhibits

3.2.1. Exhibition and the decoration audios Interview with Ann and Tracy photos decoration, exhibition, interviewee, exterior of Ragtag

3.3. Video: Ragtag's current event

3.3.1. Homebrewed interview with Chris Beer Ticket tearing Q&A session Audience's feedback Scenes and other details

3.4. Photo Gallery: Complementing the story

3.4.1. The artistic atmosphere of Ragtag

3.4.2. Uprise bakery

3.4.3. The bar

3.4.4. 9th Street Video Shop

3.4.5. The exterior decoration

3.4.6. Historical pictures of Ragtag

3.5. audio: Community's feedback to Ragtag

3.5.1. the ambience of Homebrewed

3.5.2. Interviews with audience

3.5.3. Interviews with the District

3.6. Website

4. Timeline

4.1. Wed, June 20th

4.1.1. All videos, stills, audio ready for editting

4.2. Fri, June 22th

4.2.1. First draft of the website

4.3. Sun, June 24th

4.3.1. Final edition of the website