Environment analysis conducted, How strategies are designed.

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Environment analysis conducted, How strategies are designed. by Mind Map: Environment analysis conducted, How strategies are designed.

1. Combining and solving differents points and solving them with the same strategies.

2. Opportunities and Strenght

2.1. Since Fundación azteca is from grupo Salinas, TV azteca offers 4 spots in their channels… Strategy to make more presence in the country.

2.1.1. -Invest on improving some of the infrastructure of the areas surrounding the various schools.

3. Threats and strenghts

3.1. -Improve their instagram page where they maintain recorded all their experience and transparency in order to create some credibility.

3.1.1. -Organize small events between students, donors and investors to attract new donors and investors to be part of a community in this way we can keep and maintain our investors and donors.

4. Weaknesses and opportunities

4.1. Increase presence around Mexico by building more campuses, so people get to know the project and attract new donors

4.1.1. Make a social media campaign in which it is shown all of the progress the students have made so far and how meaningful this program really is in their lives, so the investors can grow an emotional attachment to the foundation and continue to support it.

5. Weaknesses and Threats

5.1. Keep the donors and the investors updated so they know what the foundation is doing, to generate compassion and interest to invest or donate again.

5.1.1. Create an app in order to approach faster and easier external donors where they can see where the money is going and have a follow up.

6. The most intresting information in the analysis

6.1. Solving multiplies problems with the same strategies ( opportunites and strenghts,threats and strenghts, Weaknesses and Threats, Opportunites and Strenghts)