Me, Myself, and I

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Me, Myself, and I by Mind Map: Me, Myself, and I

1. VIA Character Strngths

1.1. Pertinent Strengths

1.1.1. Love of Learning (13) and Curiosity(15) A love of learning and curiosity can help me in Mechatronics so I have a natural need to understand the machinery I'm working with and will fuel my passion for the field. It can also help me to want to understand how everything works so I'm always willing to try new things.

1.1.2. Self Regulation (8) and Judgment(5) Self regulation will help me in Mechatronics to help push me to finish my projects and to ensure I always try out every angle to fix a problem. Judgment will also help me to look at a problem and judge how i can fix a problem and where i may have gone wrong with previous solutions.

1.1.3. Perseverance(10) and Prudence(3) Perseverance will help me by pushing me to finish what I started until its done and prudence will help me to carefully tread with new ideas, not necessarily hold me back but will ensure I don't take any unnecessary risks

1.1.4. Teamwork(16) In Mechatronics I wont be working just by myself, Most of the time ill be working with teams to design and build something. If I work well with others I can help complete the project and ensure its transition in being designed will be smoother.

1.2. Pertinent Weaknesses

1.2.1. Social intelligence(20) With weak social intelligence I wont be able to interact with customers or my team very well and this could impact the project negatively. I might also be unable to properly communicate problems or issues I may have.

1.2.2. Zest (21) Low zest might negatively impact my ability to finish my project, I may find myself bored or uninterested if I lose drive for the project.

2. Multiple Intelligence Styles

2.1. Strengths

2.1.1. Kinesthetic Kinesthetic learning is my secondary learning style, I learn by doing things. I think this is important in Mechatronics because the field is very hands on, I will be building and creating things by physically doing them.

2.2. Weakness

2.2.1. Musical being good with music and tones aren't really helpful when it comes to working with machinery and blueprints

2.2.2. Naturalist Having a naturalist personality puts me in the opposite place as Mechatronics. Mechatronics is machines and wires while being a naturalist is all about nature and natural beauty. Ill have to adapt to an artificial environment.

3. Learning Style

3.1. Visual Learner

3.1.1. Being a visual learner will be helpful for me in Mechatronics. I will be able to look at a problem and solve it or figure out where the problem is by looking at it.

3.2. Kinesthetic Learner

3.2.1. I learn by doing and touching. Being a kinesthetic learner makes it easer for me to understand the things ill be working with as breaking them down and building them will help me better understand them.

4. DISC Personality Style

4.1. Steadiness(Primary) Compliance(Secondary)

4.1.1. You are tenacious and determined to follow a course of action - to achieve objectives. You are a clear thinker. You have an inner need to be objective and analytical. You like to pursue a definite course of action. You respond to logic rather than emotion. You are likely to be particularly good at handling challenging technical assignments.

4.1.2. The need to finish my objectives and be a clear thinker are important in this field and can help me follow through with my plans. As a logical person as well I can look at a problem objectively rather than subjectively.

5. Personality traits

5.1. Strengths

5.1.1. Openminded I'm able to be open to new ideas, this will help me when working on a new project and will allow me to be flexible with new ways of solving a problem.

5.2. Weakness

5.2.1. Messy Being messy in Mechatronics is a liability, the ability to be organized will keep me from losing anything and will keep any project I'm working on from moving smoothly.

5.2.2. Anxious My anxiety might make me second guess my decisions and could impede the project.