Interests: Children Behavior & Memory

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Interests: Children Behavior & Memory by Mind Map: Interests: Children Behavior & Memory

1. How does behavior change throughout the life cycle?

1.1. Could this be linked to the development process of the brain?

1.1.1. Prefrontal Cortex only develops in the early 20s. How does this explain behavior in adolescent? Could it be that teenagers are more likely to be reckless because of this?

1.2. Maybe children are training to be independent?

2. Children Behavior -- What could shape this?

2.1. Parents?

2.1.1. 4 Types of parenting per psychological studies Could the way someone parents their children lead to different behavior in the future? Possible Research Questions: How Does Different Parenting Style (Authoritarian, Authoritative, Permissive, and Uninvolved) Affect Child Development?

2.2. Income?

2.2.1. Maybe rich children can afford etiquette lessons? Could this affect them?

2.3. Social Status?

2.3.1. Could social status makes children more humble? or act as if they are better than everyone?

2.4. Social Skills?

2.4.1. Extroverted Children Have a lot of friends, social skills, better at communicating

2.4.2. Introverted Children More reserved, quieter(?), little outbursts of energy, calm

3. Memory cannot be trusted sometimes

3.1. Are they fragile?

3.1.1. Research did show that retrieval of memory makes the memory that was already been encoded to be fragile. Possible Questions: How Can Memory Be Altered After It Has Been Encoded?

3.2. Could we have forgotten the memory itself? or is it deleted? cannot be retrieved?

4. Encoding & Retrieval of Memory in Children

4.1. Is there even a difference in encoding and retrieval in children vs in adults?

4.1.1. Children are more forgetful

4.1.2. Children can retain less information

4.1.3. What if children are fully capable of retrieving memory but their cognitive development affect communications of memory retrieved?

4.2. Another possibility: they are the same

4.2.1. How can this be explained?

4.3. Maybe even go far back to how babies encode and retrieve memory?

4.3.1. Way too broad

5. Children's Behavior With Their Classmates vs With Parents?

5.1. A lot of children act differently when they are with their friends vs when they are with parents?

5.2. Are they hiding their true personality from friends or parents?

5.2.1. Why hide it from the parents? Unless it's for religious reasons and/or taboo

5.2.2. Maybe they just want to be accepted in the social group

5.2.3. Because of Peer Pressure from friends?

5.2.4. Makes me wonder whether children who hide their personality from their parents ever contact them again after they move out of the parent's hours