Legalisation of Abortion in Argentina

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Legalisation of Abortion in Argentina by Mind Map: Legalisation of Abortion in Argentina

1. Why in news

1.1. Argentina legalised abortion

1.1.1. Up to 14 weeks of pregnancy

1.1.2. Why significant Had one of the most restrictive abortion laws Abortion was allowed only Effect Activists trying for removal of the old law Since 1921 Previous effort to pass abortion bill failed Church’s presssure

1.1.3. Why abortion not legalised until now Immense power of Church and evangelical community Blocked passage of abortion bills

2. New bill allows

2.1. Greater autonomy to women over their bodies

2.2. Control of reproductive rights for women

2.3. Better healthcare

2.3.1. For Pregnant women Young mothers

3. Status of abortion in other Latin American countries

3.1. Abortion illegal in

3.1.1. Nicaragua

3.1.2. El Salvador

3.1.3. Dominic Republic

3.2. Request for abortion allowed only in specific cases

3.2.1. Uruguay

3.2.2. Cuba

3.2.3. Guyana

3.2.4. Some parts of mexico

3.3. No of weeks abortion allowed differs in various countries

3.4. Heavy penalties and punishments to girls

3.4.1. For abortions

4. Green Wave

4.1. Also called

4.1.1. La Maria Verde

4.2. Symbol of pro abortion movement

4.2.1. After passage of bill Women celebrated by waving green handkerchiefs

4.3. Symbol of women’s rights

4.3.1. Across Latin America

4.3.2. Activists have been campaigning with green handkerchiefs,green posters and green flags To demand legalisation of abortion