Estate Planning

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Estate Planning by Mind Map: Estate Planning

1. Dispositive Document

1.1. Plan Type

1.1.1. Will

1.1.2. Living Trust

1.2. Gift Type

1.2.1. Outright

1.2.2. In Trust

1.3. Gift Order

1.4. Specific Bequests

1.5. Helpers

1.5.1. Executors

1.5.2. Trustees

1.5.3. Guardian If Nominated Guardian is Married If they include guardian's spouse as co-guardian, they will have a preferred right to serve even if they later get divorced If they do not include guardian's spouse, the guardian's spouse will not have a preferred right to serve even if they had been helping take care of them for several years

2. Financial Power of Attorney

3. Healthcare Power of Attorney/Living Will

4. Funeral Planning Declaration

5. Funding

5.1. Beneficiary Designations

5.2. Retitling Assets