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Bird Flu by Mind Map: Bird Flu

1. Why in news

1.1. Reported in several Indian states

1.1.1. Himachal Pradesh Among wildgeese

1.1.2. Madhya Pradesh Among crows

1.1.3. Rajasthan Among crows

1.1.4. Kerala Among ducks

1.1.5. Haryana Among poultry birds

2. What is it

2.1. Also called

2.1.1. Avian Influenza

2.2. highly contagious viral disease

2.2.1. Caused by Influenza type A viruses Generally affects poultry birds

3. How it spreads

3.1. Acquatic birds like ducks and geese

3.1.1. Natural reservoirs of the virus

3.2. Birds also excrete while flying

3.2.1. Thus spreading the virus

3.3. migratory birds who fly long distances

3.3.1. Spread the virus

4. can it affect humans

4.1. Infected with the virus in

4.1.1. Hongkong 1997 H5N1 strain

4.2. Several cases in South East Asia

4.2.1. Reasons Illegal bird trade Migratory birds spread Movement of infected poultry

4.3. Certain strains can spread from animals to humans

4.3.1. H5N2

4.3.2. H9N2

4.4. Can it spread from humans to humans

4.4.1. No Only people coming in close contact with infected birds have contracted before

4.4.2. Can’t spread from properly prepared cooked poultry food Since virus is sensitive to heat

5. Can it affects animals

5.1. Animals have also been affected in the past

5.1.1. Lions

5.1.2. Dogs

5.1.3. Cats

6. If can’t spread between humans then why the scare

6.1. Flu viruses more prone to mutation

6.2. If the virus mutates it can cause a pandemic

6.3. Previously seasonal flu and pandemic flu have mutated

6.3.1. Jumped from birds to humans

7. Symptoms

7.1. Can cause respiratory illnesses

7.1.1. Pneumonia

7.1.2. Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

7.1.3. Why ? Virus attacks the respiratory tracts of humans

7.1.4. Fever

7.1.5. Sore throat

7.1.6. Cough

7.1.7. Diarrhoea

8. Measures used to control the spread

8.1. Culling birds

8.2. Vaccination of birds

8.3. Eradicating the influenza at its source

8.3.1. To minimise the spread