5 Hour Energy Marketing Plan to Enter Brazil

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5 Hour Energy Marketing Plan to Enter Brazil by Mind Map: 5 Hour Energy Marketing Plan to Enter Brazil

1. 1 analyze market

1.1. offer

1.1.1. trends

1.1.2. distribution (page 603) How to introduce prod to brazil direct investment joint venture licensing direct exporting indirect exporting

1.1.3. http://www.ambev.com.br/pt-br Retail Q7 Gas stations grocery stores clubs office cafeterias vending machines

1.2. demand

1.2.1. Culture health considerations Any country regulation for caffeinated products? ready to replace coffee Information internet interviews

1.3. *considerations

1.3.1. -go abroad:yes -which market:brazil -how to enter? -what marketing program -which marketing organization book page 597

2. 2 Research sources

2.1. secondary

2.1.1. survey health considerations public perception Is Brazil ready for 5 hour? See survey approved by professor *considerations are benefits clear to you does the product solve a problem does other products solve this? is price reasonable Would you buy it:definitelly, probab, prob not Who, when, and how often would you buy it

2.1.2. white papers

2.1.3. similar industries: red bull

2.1.4. what competitors are doing

2.2. primary

2.2.1. focus group

3. 3 Brazil Environment

3.1. Macro

3.1.1. south region

3.1.2. south east

3.2. Brazil Cost""

3.2.1. regulations

3.2.2. economic instability

3.2.3. layers of bureaucracy

3.2.4. tax to foreign companies

3.2.5. corruption

3.2.6. high crime

3.2.7. underdevelop. infrastructure

3.2.8. technological social media adapting 98%

3.3. Porter 5

3.3.1. substitutes: coffee, red bull energy

3.3.2. competitors: red bull energy shot, guarana

3.3.3. ambev, tariff?

3.3.4. buyers

4. 4 Strategic Recommendation

4.1. 1 STP

4.1.1. Segmentation areas geographical psychographic behavior demographical *considerations measurable accesible substantial differentiable actionalble

4.1.2. Target *considerations decide: 1-is segment attractive 2-what is the company's objectives and resources The degree of product variability Product’s life-cycle stage Market variability Competitors’ marketing strategies Steps for segmenting Undifferentiated-mass Differentiated-segmented Concentrated -niche understand customers well, they are willing to pay a premium Micromarketing -local

4.1.3. Positioning *considerations what am i best at - why? low end/work high end/prestige 1-identify possible competitive adv. Benefit position Services price People Image 2- choose right one How many differences to promote? Unique selling proposition Several benefits Which differences to promote?: Superior Communicable Preemptive Affordable 3- choose a position strategy Unique Selling Proposition USP. Mafia offer. Offer can't be matched. represent the full positioning of the brand: More for More, More for the Same More for Less, The Same for Less Less for Much Less White Collar Blue Collar College Students

4.2. 2 marketing mix: 4 Ps

4.2.1. product 1 flavor Same size & container design add big: #1 in the USA 3 flavors extra stregth

4.2.2. price:$3.5

4.2.3. communication/promotion samples office: free samples for the whole office colleges: during finals gas stations advertising Q8 check out aisles social media billboards TV commercials magazines *considerations *consideration 1identify audience 2objectives 3design 4select channel 5budget:market share, target, % persuaded 6decide mix 7measure 8manage communications

4.2.4. Place Retail Q7 Gas stations grocery stores colleges office cafeterias vending machines

5. in US

5.1. 5-hour marketing in the US

5.2. study of side effects in the US