Mantra for Successful Micro and Small Enterprises

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Mantra for Successful Micro and Small Enterprises by Mind Map: Mantra for Successful Micro and Small  Enterprises

1. Many a time expectations are not met. The reasons for the same.

1.1. Skillset is missing

1.2. Required time is not given

1.3. Insufficient funds

2. How to meet the expectation

2.1. Efficient and effective operations

2.2. Consistantly increasing profits

2.3. Plan growth in the business.

2.4. Quick and effective response to market changes.

3. What happens when they achieve the expectation

3.1. Their employees will be happy

3.2. Their customers will be happy

3.3. Their suppliers will be happy

3.4. Their Bankers and other support team will be happy

3.5. The community around them will be happy

3.6. Their business will grow and they will be happy

4. Expectation of Businessmen from their business

4.1. Freedom

4.2. Acomplishment

4.3. Income

4.4. Happiness

5. What will lead to the success

5.1. Emploees

5.1.1. They should be happy

5.1.2. They should fit to their role

5.1.3. Find ways to get right employees

5.1.4. Induct them well to the organisation

5.1.5. Training

5.1.6. Give right tools, right technology,

5.1.7. Opportunity for personal growth

5.1.8. They should have opportunity to contribute

5.1.9. Clear and complete job description, policy, system.

5.1.10. Clear and measurable yardstick for measuring performance

5.2. Money

5.2.1. Startup capital

5.2.2. Operating capital

5.2.3. Proper cashflow management

5.3. Statutory complaince

5.3.1. Licenses , permissions,

5.4. Gpod leadershi

6. The expectation from the business will be met.