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Idea Donation Center #MyTEDxIdea by Mind Map: Idea Donation Center #MyTEDxIdea
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Idea Donation Center #MyTEDxIdea


Donate your best ideas worth spreading

Some Ideas from the Red Wire

A gradle to gradle system to create food from waste

Change to save the world

Hightech to use sunpower

Insects feed the world


Exchange economy instead of Money

Less pollution more sustainability

Mistakes are gold

Create empathy between people

Water for everyone

Small thinks innovate

Bamboe als hardhoutvervanger


Time maschine

Teachers rule the world

Poetry Jockeys

One question to all corners of the world created 5 seconds of universal flow morphic reasonance? maybe you did it using pen & paper no phone no screen some of those dreams and ideas we share right here! right there! Between you and me and we saw that in the centre of your thoughts bears a heart that wants to change and create, to eliminate some great things of the past you want flying cars, radical openess time machines, clean water for everyone teleportation, vertical farming, vertical cows teachers rule the world, earth nurses ocean doctors, insect burgers higher grades in creativity peace pills for humanity, nano solutions and no more wars But love love love lots of you expressed this need, well its free and we have unlimited, dont we? so use it we witnessed, participated, donated, had fun today so let's share really connect it's that simple we are humans dare to be start today! we all want action

Look in the notes for a poem made by donated ideas!