Working with the tides for clean energy

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Working with the tides for clean energy by Mind Map: Working with the tides for clean energy

1. original idea

1.1. take a windmill place it on the surface

1.2. better

1.2.1. take the windmill hold it upside sown

1.2.2. no man has been walking in teh deepest oceans floor

1.2.3. open architecture

1.2.4. energy transported via cable to shore

1.2.5. solved lots of issues easy access maintenance more energye lower cost higher production no pollution produces lots of ernergy

2. large farm

2.1. tidal energy new?

2.1.1. on large scale yes

2.1.2. difficulties force of ocean os enormous it will get destroyed

2.2. in 5 to 10 years tidal energy will be possible

2.3. tidal ernergy

3. colony of flies

3.1. Support your funny flies. Dedicate some resources for their silly work. Invest in Innovation.

4. get energy out of water

4.1. idenpendant energy creation

4.1.1. no emmissions

4.1.2. no far away resources

4.2. tile energy

4.2.1. powerfull

4.2.2. save

4.2.3. clean

4.2.4. masses of water to flow around by the moon

4.3. tile currents are predictible

4.3.1. day and night

4.3.2. works during flow and ebb

4.3.3. continous predicatable power

4.3.4. industry in the making

4.3.5. its cutting edge

4.3.6. less then 10 turbines yet

4.3.7. no commercial farms

4.4. "We walked on the moon but no one ever walked on the bottom of the deepest ocean ..Putting 'windmills' in the water upsidedown "

5. Who

5.1. Allard van Hoeken

5.2. Profile on TEDxBinnenhof

5.3. energy theme

6. What

6.1. Working with the tides for clean energy

7. Tidal energy = moonpower, upsidedown windmills in floating units.