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1. Strategies

1.1. Complete all areas first, then release

1.1.1. Benefits Complete solution can be more successfull on the market than partial Less chances for stealing ideas by the competitors

1.1.2. Risks Solution is too complex for the target companies A lot of rarely used areas New competitors appearing on the market can reduce the available market size

1.1.3. Road map Estimating completion Accounting

1.2. Release asap to 3-5 companies

1.2.1. Benefits We can get some feedback from other companies to better see the weak points and benefits of the solution and increase the chance of further successfull release Will allow to analyze and better plan further licensing plans (features/pricing)

1.2.2. Risks Some slow down in project development to support new client

1.2.3. Road map Stabilization Release

1.3. Release asap to the market

1.3.1. Benefits If successful can increase the company cashflow Comprehensive feedback that can help us to improve the software and find the week points

1.3.2. Risks Possibly large number of new defects that will prevent further project development as the whole team will be on support Uncompleted Portal Administration module and licensing will cause large loading of the Uberbase support and administration team

1.3.3. Road map Licensing Stabilization