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Map Skills by Mind Map: Map Skills

1. Lines of Longitude

1.1. New node

1.1.1. Definition: Lines of longitude run verically from the north pole to the south pole and are marked using degrees. The city of Los Angeles can be found near 118 degrees west longitude on a map.

2. Equator

2.1. Equator

2.1.1. Definition: The equator runs east west half way between the north and south pole and is at zero degrees. The equator runs through the continents of South America and Africa.

3. Prime Meridian

4. Line of Latitude

4.1. Latitude

4.1.1. Definition: Lines of latitude are lines that run east and west and are marked using degrees. California's northern border in located at 42 degrees north latitude.

5. Hemisphere

6. Country

7. Continent