platformer ideas

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platformer ideas by Mind Map: platformer ideas

1. Resource: energy

1.1. Absorb enemies to gain

1.1.1. Energy gain depend on enemies absorbed

1.1.2. Energy 'type' depend on enemy absorbed?

2. Use energy for actions:

2.1. Break 'dirt' block

2.2. Doublejump

2.3. Push 'Stone' block

2.4. Short burst of speed

2.5. Go invisible

2.6. Create 'dirt' block

3. Energy idea

4. Gravity idea

4.1. Instead of jumping, gravity gets reversed

4.1.1. up or down

4.1.2. Maybe 4 directional gravity?

4.2. puzzles can involve moving blocks around by changing gravity

5. Jetpack

5.1. Instead of double jumping a jetpack mechanic gets used