Alphabet Theme

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Alphabet Theme by Mind Map: Alphabet Theme

1. Math

1.1. Patterns

1.1.1. recognize/duplicate/create patterns using alphabets

1.2. Data Analysis

1.2.1. weekly poll on foods tried that week that corresponded with the letter

1.3. Numbers and Operations

1.3.1. explore mathematical equations using alphabet markets

2. Language and Litereacy

2.1. Emergent Reading

2.1.1. letter and word association as we reading aloud as visually follow along

2.2. Emergent Writing

2.2.1. Tracing letters

2.2.2. freewriting letters with different writing tools

2.3. Receptive Communication

2.3.1. circle objects that begin with letter

3. Creative Expression

3.1. Visual Arts

3.1.1. paint the letter of the day

3.1.2. sculpt/mold/build letter of the day with given materials.

3.2. Dramatic Play

3.2.1. create their own story involving something that begins with a specific letter

3.2.2. Alphabet Chef: Take my order which will consist of wacky ingredients beginning with a specific letter

4. Health

4.1. Awarness

4.1.1. Health Food of the Day

5. Science

5.1. Knowledge of Living Things

5.1.1. tend to our alphabet garden planted by the class in alphabet pots

5.2. Sensory Awareness

5.2.1. tasting and analyzing our food of the day that corresponds to a specific letter

6. Physical Development

6.1. Gross Motor Skills

6.1.1. Alphabet Hop Scotch: will say the letter they land on aloud

6.1.2. Bean Bag Toss: draw a letter from the bag and toss the bag in corresponding slot

6.1.3. Alphabet Relay Race: go through a series of obstacle to retrieve a specific letter hidden amongst a few others

6.2. Fine Motor Skills

6.2.1. separate letter of the day with a clothes hanger from a dish

6.2.2. beading pipe cleaners with alphabets

6.2.3. place small pom poms on outline of letter