Initial perceptions on Indigenous Culture

EEP435 Indigenous Studies

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Initial perceptions on Indigenous Culture by Mind Map: Initial perceptions on Indigenous Culture

1. Indigenous peers in schooling

1.1. Harassed for low Literacy/ Numeracy

1.2. Violence from socio-economic ostracism.

1.3. Financial discrimination re: excursions and implements

1.4. Not expected to go to Year 11.

2. Indigenous Art Studies

2.1. Geologic influence of structural frames, through colour and topography

2.2. Intrinsic value of Indigenous art

2.3. Methods, traditions, iconography

2.4. Meaning conveyed when symbols are universally understood

2.5. Historic observations of Astronomic events, first fleet

3. Attitudes in 1970's

3.1. Deaths in Custody

3.2. Petrol Sniffing

3.3. Stolen Generation not recognised

3.4. Thieves

3.5. Not served in pubs or allowed in public pools.

3.6. Bicentennial approaching Endeavour / First Fleet

3.7. "you don't LOOK black"

4. Sporting Culture

4.1. Athletically gifted Rugby League, Union Australian Rules, Marn Grook

4.2. Mal Meninga Mark Ella Nicky Winmar Arthur Beetson Cathy Freeman Yvonne Goolagong

5. Work with Indigenous students and SLSO's

5.1. "Not worth teaching Art/Music"

5.2. Custodial Sentences as Rites of Passage

5.3. Desire to express themselves in music

6. Music Revolution

6.1. Warumpi Band

6.2. Midnight Oil

6.3. Yothu Yindi

6.4. Paul Kelly

6.5. Christine Anu

6.6. Robert Plant / Jimmy Page World Music