Sales and CS Client Onboarding

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Sales and CS Client Onboarding by Mind Map: Sales and CS Client Onboarding

1. Client setup on RMM platform

1.1. Escalation Policy

1.2. Client setup

2. Schedule and hold user training showing how to best engage for services. Show how RMM platform works, how to open ticket in PSA, how to email tickets and how to call in for support.

2.1. Produce handouts showing how to use services

3. Discuss particulars of client requirements

4. Discuss with Client Rep on unique demands of users, find out who the problem users may be and discuss how to best serve them.

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5. Schedule meeting with key contacts

5.1. Weekly meeting during set-up phase checking requirements and deadlines

5.1.1. Weekly phone meetings

5.2. Help Desk Hours and Procedures

5.3. Schedule Q1 overall review of MSP services

6. Schedule onsite quarterly meetings for the next year after the first three months of service completed

7. Client Services Responsibilities

7.1. Book and hold meeting with all key influencers to discuss services, requirements and structure

7.2. Setup client with relavant heads of services

8. Sales Team Responsibilities

8.1. Client technical meeting

8.1.1. share who key decision makers are