Impact of Respiratory Disease

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Impact of Respiratory Disease by Mind Map: Impact of Respiratory Disease

1. Lifestyle: A person who is active in so many ways like sports or eating healthy foods, and taking care of themselves are far to have respiratory disease. These are some lifestyle that people should follow in order to make their respiratory system, cardiovascular system and immune system strong.

2. Environment: Same with other disease, bad environment such as pollution can affect us especially people who has respiratory disease because our lungs needs a clean air to breathe.

3. Causes: There are so much sources of having a respiratory and 3 of them are from smoking tobacco, infection, and air pollution.

4. Vices: Smoking tobacco is one of the major sources of having a respiratory disease. It's hardly for them to stop using this because it is already their vices.

5. Prevention: They're things that we need to stop in order to prevent respiratory disease. First we should start to stop using cigarettes' or tobacco, don't expose yourself in a polluted area, and don't be lazy to exercise to keep your lungs healthy.

6. Things must do: If you think you already noticed that you have some signs of respiratory disease, you have to see your doctor immediately because respiratory disease can be lead you to death.