Building knowledge of context

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Building knowledge of context by Mind Map: Building knowledge of context

1. country

1.1. region

1.2. cultural group

1.3. city

1.4. history of country

1.4.1. what was happening at the time of the composition?

2. When it was written

3. Composer

3.1. life, work

3.2. timeline (year of life, year the piece was written)

3.3. what inspired this composer to write this piece

4. Expressive Qualities

4.1. how do the lyrics influence the dynamics/rhythmic structure

4.2. tone quality

5. Song genre or style

5.1. performance techniques

5.2. Characteristics of the genre that can be found in authentic performances that are referenced (or missing) in the repertoire

5.3. authentic translation

6. the message behind the song

6.1. Skills that we can learn from the piece

7. Language

7.1. Meaning

7.2. dialect

7.3. history/use of language

7.3.1. Storytelling/folk songs/etc

7.4. words that might have dual meaning or represent something specific to culture/time/place

8. Theory of piece

8.1. harmonic progression

8.2. Form

8.3. Notation

8.4. tonality, articulation, phrases

8.5. Elements of Music in general... texture, rhythm, scales/modes, etc.

9. Meaning, message

9.1. do different people perceive the song to have different meaning?

10. structure/form of the piece

10.1. To explore different ways of performance

11. connection between music and words (if there are words)

12. Students can compose or arrange something in the style of this piece

12.1. ability to analyze what makes up the piece - what are the building blocks they might use to inspire their own piece(s)

13. different versions/arrangements

14. choice of instruments, voices

15. connection to larger Unit (MYP)

16. Integration with unit of inquiry

17. Purpose