What Happens to My Pet?

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What Happens to My Pet? by Mind Map: What Happens to My Pet?

1. **Blue color represents VMA Role**

2. Step 4: Surgical Prep

2.1. IV fluids given via catheter

2.2. Induction meds given

2.3. Endotracheal tube placed (for breathing aid and anesthetic )

2.4. Additional pain meds given

2.5. Eye lube

2.6. Shave/scrub of the incision site

2.7. Other prep can include nail trim, tattoo, microchip

2.8. VMA Role

2.8.1. Restraint for IV, Endotracheal tube

2.8.2. Sx scrub, shave, eye lubrication,

2.8.3. Nail trim

3. Step 1: Fast/Drop Off Pet

3.1. Last meal 8-12 hrs before sx

3.2. No water given in the morning

3.3. Pet uses bathroom prior to coming to clinic

3.4. Pet is dropped off at clinic

3.5. Client contact info and paperwork filled out

3.6. VMA Role

3.6.1. Give client instuctions

3.6.2. Collect info

4. Step 3: After PE and Bloodwork

4.1. Sedative/pain relief given to pet to calm them

4.2. Brought to kennel while sedative takes effect (20-30 mins)

4.3. VMA Role

4.3.1. Restrain pet for drug administration

4.3.2. Carry pet to kennel

5. Step 2: Pre-op Check

5.1. Physical exam to check for any new health concerns

5.2. Bloodwork, also checking for any problems that could interfere with sx

5.3. VMA Role

5.3.1. Restrain pet for PE

6. Step 5: Surgery

6.1. Patient brought into surgical suite

6.2. Patient placed on table with warmer to maintain body heat

6.3. Vet tech monitors anesthetic machine

6.4. Vitals frequently recorded and monitored - including heart rate, oxygen, breathing rate, blood pressure and temperature

6.5. VMA Role

6.5.1. Move patient into Sx suite

6.5.2. Placement of patient on table

7. Step 6: Post-op

7.1. After sx, anesthetic gas is turned off, oxygen still being given

7.2. Surgical site is cleaned

7.3. Patient is brought into post op/recovery room

7.4. Patient is monitored and vitals are taken

7.5. Endotracheal tube removed once patient able to breathe on their own

7.6. VMA Role

7.6.1. Clean up of incision site

7.6.2. Carry pet into recovery room

8. Step 7: Recovery

8.1. After patient wakes up a bit and is able to lift their head, then brought to a heated kennel in recovery room

8.2. Recovery is monitored for 30min-1hr

8.3. Once recovered enough then brought to a kennel to in patient ward

8.4. IV is maintained 2-4hrs

8.5. VMA Role

8.5.1. Transportation of patient

9. Step 8: Ready To Go Home

9.1. One last recheck exam

9.2. Pet is given food and taken for a bathroom break

9.3. Owner is called to come pick-up their pet

9.4. Client is given discharge after care instructions

9.5. VMA Role

9.5.1. Care of pet

9.5.2. Contact owner to pick up pet