San Isidro Movement or Movimiento San Isidro (MSI)

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San Isidro Movement or Movimiento San Isidro (MSI) by Mind Map: San Isidro Movement or Movimiento San Isidro (MSI)

1. What’s the movement

1.1. It is campaign by activists and artists

1.1.1. Demanding greater freedom of expression in Cuba under Communist authoritarian regime No political opposition permitted Government controls all modes of communication Present President

1.2. Protesting state censorship of artistic work

1.3. Started in

1.3.1. 2018

2. What triggered it ?

2.1. Decree 349

2.1.1. Cuba government was to enforce it

2.1.2. gave cultural ministry power to restrict cultural activity it didn’t approve of

2.1.3. MSI protested against it Hence Cuba government withdrew it

3. Did US-Cuba deal of 2015 help the movement ?

3.1. US-Cuba deal

3.1.1. In exchange of opening of bilateral relations with USA Cuba government to allow its people greater internet freedoms

3.1.2. Affect Protestors in Cuba could use internet to amplify the message

4. Denis Solis

4.1. member of MSI

4.2. rapper by profession

4.3. Arrested by police

4.3.1. Solis live streamed it on Facebook People got furious against the government

4.3.2. imprisonment for 8 months

4.3.3. Affect MSI members began hunger strike government agents broke the apartment where hunger strike was carried out

5. Foreign response to the movement

5.1. US urged Cuba

5.1.1. To release Solis

5.1.2. Stop harrasment of MSI protestors

5.2. Concern for human rights

5.2.1. By Netherlands Czech Republic Amnesty International