Composing & Decomposing Numbers

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Composing & Decomposing Numbers by Mind Map: Composing & Decomposing Numbers

1. Pre-K Mathematics PK.OA.A.3 Compose and decompose numbers to 5, in more than one way, by using objects or drawings.

2. Students will watch video to gain a better understanding of the lesson. Then, they will complete a worksheet on their own.

2.1. Redirect Notice

3. Helpful Websites

3.1. How to Teach Decomposing and Composing Numbers

3.2. Decomposing Math Center Activities

3.3. Composing and Decomposing Numbers in Pre-K and Kindergarten | The Excellent Educator

4. Students will participate in two classroom activities shown in the websites (teacher's choice). This will allow students to work together and grasp a better understanding of composing and decomposing numbers.

5. Games and Things

5.1. Ten Frame

5.2. Kindergarten Games | MathBRIX

5.3. Students can take a "break" by playing these engaging math games!