Multiple Intelligences

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Multiple Intelligences by Mind Map: Multiple Intelligences

1. Logical - Mathematical Intelligence

1.1. Logic

1.2. Good at taking tests

1.3. Has a dialogue with critical thinking

1.4. Making ring reading graphs

1.5. Organization

1.6. Quantifying things

1.7. Making hypotheses and proving them

2. Verbal - Linguistic Intelligence

2.1. Good at poems, writing words that rhyme

2.2. Good at reading, writing

2.3. Learning other languages

2.3.1. quickly compared to others

2.4. Greater turning a little tiny story into a huge fascinating story

2.5. finding the right words to express what you mean

3. Interpersonal Intelligence

3.1. Understanding other people's emotions

3.2. Understanding with social norms of the situation

3.3. Good at reception to other people's mood and what motivates them

3.4. Good at motivating

3.5. Can coordinate work with other people

3.6. Sensing people's feelings and motives

4. Body - Kinesthetic Intelligence

4.1. Good at handling and maneuvering your own body

4.2. Can handle object skillfully and carry them around

4.3. Dancers, actors, soldiers, sport athletes

4.4. Coordinating your mind with your body

5. Musical Intelligence

5.1. Associated with rhythm and harmonic music

5.2. Able to interpret sounds rhytms and tones and pitches

5.3. Able to understand them on a level than most people can

5.4. Can compose or play an instrument

5.5. Discerning sounds, their pitch, tone, rhythm, and timbre

6. Visual - Spatial Intelligence

6.1. How well you can visualize something in your mind's eye

6.2. How well can you get through a maze

6.3. Judging distances

6.4. How well can you read a map

6.5. Visualizing the world in 3D

7. Intrapersonal Intelligence

7.1. How you understand yourself

7.2. Know what feelings you were feeling

7.3. What emotions go through your mind when in certain situation

7.4. How well you can control your thoughts and actions and feelings

7.5. Know your strengths and weaknesses

7.6. Understanding yourself

7.6.1. What you feel

7.6.2. What you want

8. Naturalistic Intelligence

8.1. Recognize stuff in the real world

8.1.1. Tree

8.1.2. Flower

8.1.3. ...

8.2. Hunters, fishermen, chefs, botanists, one learns biological sciences

8.3. Understanding living things

8.4. Reading nature